It’s month four of the quarantine and as a 20 year event industry veteran I am beginning to accept the reality that it may be many months before I am sitting at a Hospitality Desk ready to welcome attendees or checking a buffet against my BEO to be sure guests have a wonderful meal experience.

On a positive note, as a planner I feel excited to challenge my creativity to create value in this new frontier. Live meetings may be far away but how can I use my expertise and skill set to plan and execute excellent meeting experiences… virtually?

Take speaker coordination for example, as an event professional, you know getting speakers to the main stage takes a few steps.

  • You have a track record of success with live meeting procedures and VIP communications.
  • You have a process in place for presentation and information collection.
  • You have templates that are successful in briefing your moderator and creating a production blueprint.
  • You have existing relationships with leadership, their admin, and are a familiar face to speakers.

Imagine how to turn the traditional speaker ready process into a virtual experience …think equipment checks, digital etiquette guides & staffed virtual green rooms. How can you position your clients virtual event content to be best in class in delivery?

Review your internal strategies and explore how they can translate to the virtual landscape.

  • How will virtual speakers be scheduled?
  • Rehearsed?
  • Confirmed?
  • Welcomed?
  • Thanked?

How can this process be done to make the speakers feel prepared, engaged and set-up for success “on stage”?

Switching gears from business speakers to the event choreography itself, how can you create an experience that is unique and memorable for your attendees?

  • Is there a chance to build excitement pre-event?
  • What can you do to create better engagement or interaction with the virtual audience?
  • Can you weave in an exciting food & beverage experience?
  • Is there an opportunity to incorporate something about wellness or self-care?
  • Would a virtual team building activity be well suited for the audience?
  • What is the tone of the event? Can you create a custom “fun” factor or is it strictly business?

While the countdown to group events is on, the virtual event space should be met with the same enthusiasm as a live program. It’s a new world for event professionals and a new chance to be inspired and resourceful. With digital fatigue and virtual attendee attrition at the forefront, enjoy this time to reimagine your business and show your clients that in these uncertain times, your role may be more critical than ever.



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